Thursday, 10 September 2015

Fisherman & Fires for a very disturbed night

Mooring at Eckington Bridge
The mooring was so congenial by Eckington Bridge that we stayed over a day on Tuesday.  The boat in front of us departed whilst I was out walking so Geoff moved us up to make it easier to get on and off.

I managed to do the 3.5 mile circular walk from here that is shown on the leaflets available here at the picnic site.  Geoff had done it yesterday and thought it was within my capabilities........he was only just right......slightly far for me and not a single bench to sit on for a rest on my way around!

We had two welcome visits during the day...the first from Gill with a pork pie from her butcher and later on Geoff & Gill together as some more mail had arrived for a pre dinner drink this time.

Today we decided to move a little further.  After a very quiet day with boats passing yesterday and nothing seen this morning, two cruisers went past in our direction just as we were about to cast we knew there would be a wait at Nafford Lock.

Eckington Bridge
Our journey took us around several sides of Bredon Hill,
which we had climbed on a previous visit to Geoff & Gill.
We cruised slowly to allow time for the two cruisers to get through the lock and as we approached they were almost up.  Luckily they had fitted in together so we didn't have a very long wait.

Approaching Nafford Lock
The lock did not endear itself to me as we rose as despite Geoff's slow raising of the paddles we still swung across with a thump which on later inspection had knocked several things over down below. Luckily none of the photos were broken.   Tomorrow we shall have a different modis operandi!!!!

We reached Comberton Wharf and were lucky to find there was room.  It is only big enough for two narrowboats and one was already there.   Another gem of a spot.  No road access only a footpath and lovely grassy area for Barney and I to sit out...even facing a good direction for the sun...what there was of it.  Still it was warm enough to sit outside.

However at 3.30am I decided it was not so much of a gem after all.   I was awoken by the smell of smoke so decided to investigate.  At first I thought it was the boat in front as his chimney had smelt smokey during the day.  But a glance though the window and I saw a huge fire burning on the shore close to Petroc.   Watching for a while I began to see something moving and realised it was a dog...then another dog, and eventually a torch wandering around.   I woke Geoff as I found it very spooky.  We watched for a while and eventually Geoff opened the side doors which immediately set the two little yappy dogs on a major barking session.  The torch approached and the figure behind it informed us that he always came here to fish and he brought the dogs because it was the only time they got out.....he had fishing lines set up immediately behind us.  I found the whole thing quite unnerving but did eventually manage to get back to sleep, although in my dreams the man had turned into a whole crowd who were celebrating the solstice or something sinister..... He eventually left sometime after 7 in the morning.

smouldering remains of his fire
Bang goes my thoughts of another night here.

Total distance:2.37 miles 
Elapsed time:1h37m52s 
Average speed:1.45 mph (2.07 lock/mph)

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