Monday, 21 September 2015

Long weekend in Stratford

We certainly picked a good weekend.  There was a food festival on and dragon boat racing on the Sunday.   We were moored a little way back from where most of the crowds were and it was ideal, plenty to see without being in the thick of all the people.

Plenty of space to walk Barnaby
He tried hard but don't think he stood a chance of getting up!
Just below Trinity (Colin de Witter )lock the last of the locks on the Avon
One of the trees just trying out its autumn colours
On Saturday evening we went out for a meal with Ann Colver and family.   Ann is a friend from Cornwall who just happened to be visiting her son Toby and grandchildren Ophelia and Iris in Stratford so it was great to catch up with them all.  

On Sunday we had a visit from our son Giles and two of our 2 grandsons, Finley & Oscar and one of their friends.  We should have had granddaughter Ella  and daughter in law Susannah also but due to an accident on the M4 they did not make it to their home in time to depart for us.   

However those that did come had a good time watching the dragon boats, playing football, visiting the swings and the ice cream van!

Boe's photos always have lots of wild life in them.....

We still have Boe with us.  She is trying to get all her paperwork sorted out before departing for her new job in Vietnam.

I have been struggling with internet for the past 5 days....not lack of signal but lack of gigabytes!!!
I have a contract with 20GB a month which is normally quite sufficient but last month and this month it has been disappearing at a rate of knots.  I don't stream any video or music, purely emails, surfing the web and doing my blog.   I have turned off everything that I think may be doing things in the background so I cannot understand what is suddenly taking so much.   I have had several calls to EE but they assure me that their record cannot be wrong.  I did manage to get them to give me 1GB extra.  I think my allowance renews at midnight tomorrow night so hope it holds out.  I still find it very odd.

After two days at the weekend which started off very misty but came good later on, today we have no mist just lots of rain, a really grotty day.......Boe and I spent a fair part of it watching several episodes of House of Cards!!

Tomorrow is is onward and back to canal life.

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