Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Onto the Oxford Canal

I cannot believe how lucky we are being with the weather......
Another misty start but we were ready for the off just before 9am and along came our lock buddies of yesterday, Ken & Flo on their boat whose name I cannot remember!!!!   We had their company up all 10 of the Stockton locks and then the 3 at Calcutt.  Lots of walkers out taking advantage of this late summer weather.
The wind increased as the morning wore on but still plenty of sunshine.

All was well with the world until I was entering the last lock at Calcutt.  Luckily I was going very slowly as I picked up something around the prop which deprived me of any drive at all.  I threw a rope to Geoff and he brought me to a stop.   It could have happened in far worse places.  Ken roped me to his boat and when the lock was full drove both out and parked me on the side.  How nice to have kind neighbours!

As usual there was some choice language from Geoff as he stripped off to get down to business.   However it did not take all that long with the aid of our bread knife to pull out a pipe fender complete with rope and with the bracket that attaches to the boat.  

Soon on our way again and turned onto the Oxford and moored just short of the Napton flight ready to go part way up tomorrow.  A small disappointment for Geoff as he had planned a pre supper pint at the Napton Bridge pub only to discover that it shuts on Tuesdays!!  Such is life.

Total distance:7.74 miles 
Elapsed time:3h47m11s 
Average speed:1.02 mph (3.66 lock/mph)

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