Monday, 14 September 2015

The weekend of the Loo!!

This was not our favourite weekend.   After staying moored by the bridge moorings an extra night as it was so nice we decided to move up to the Pershore recreation ground moorings.  A grey start to the day as we went up through Pershore Lock.  We went up very slowly as we have decided that the have to have fore and aft lines on going up and by the time we had those attached (I lost the end of mine and had to be reattached!) it took a fair while.  As we entered the bottom of the lock a boat appeared ready to descend so he had a bit of a wait.  Cest la vie...all fair in love an war!!

We just managed to tie up ahead of a boat coming the other way at the water point and so they came alongside and we watered together...luckily there are two taps.   However the rate of fill was incredibly slow so we had plenty of time for a good chat with the neighbours.  Barney also benefited as they produced two large chews for him.......which, hard hearted as I am, I immediately rationed and gave him half of one!!

By this time we knew that our loo had decided to be uncooperative....needless to say some of the chat revolved around marine toilets.

Since I do like to look on the bright side I reminded Geoff that it could have happened in far worse places.  There a public toilets close by which under the direction of Wychavon Council are cleaned 3 times a day.  Geoff does not look on the bright side so there was a lot of muttering etc.... he spent a fair amount of time trying to fix it to no avail and at various times we both has our hands (with rubber gloves !) investigating,   Why do these things always happen at the weekend?  Lee Sanitation from whence the toilet comes was not open until Monday morning.
Various scenarios were discussed and the other saving grace was that we were still close to Geoff & Gill so with their kindness we had access to wheels.  In fact we had offers of B&B also.   B&B is not bed &Breakfast to a boater but Bed & Bath!   We refused the kind offer as we had to somehow solve the loo situation.

This morning I called Lee Sanitation full of optimism at 0830 as they opened.  That optimism was also somewhat everyone apart from the office staff was at the Southampton Boat Show until next Sunday.   However one of their engineers called us back later with advice which unfortunately did not work.  They are very busy and the first date they can fit us in for a visit is Thursday 1st now it is planning time to see if we can get there before that date or whether they will have to come out to us.  Watch this space.

The weekend was not devoid of nice things however as on Saturday we had an unexpected call from an old friend whom we have not seen for years.  Bridget was house sitting in Cirencester and had seen from our blog that we were not too far away.  The result was that we met at Pershore Abbey for church yesterday, followed by coffee on Petroc and then the pub for Sunday lunch.   A fair bit of reminiscing was done as John, Bridgets husband who sadly died two years ago, was Geoff's first captain on Shackletons when he was but a boy....19 in fact.

We watched this group of children having a whale of a time
specially when they all fell in
that was obviously the best bit!
Today after my disappointing call to Lee Sanitation Gill collected me and very kindly drove me to the closest caravan spares place and I bought an all singing all dancing Porta Potti!!!   Geoff has always wanted to have one on board for emergencies and I have always resisted partly because of the space it takes up and partly because I had utmost faith in our vacuucassette toilet.....obviously somewhat misplaced again.

Later Geoff, Gill & Ronnie joined us for supper on board and a rather hilarious time was had.....this lifted our spirits somewhat.

The forecast for tomorrow is somewhat better than today so here's hoping.

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