Thursday, 17 September 2015

Bidford on Avon

The Eagle has landed!!!!

In other words Boe has arrived, mind you somewhat later than anticipated.  She sat on the station at Oxford waiting for her train and continued to sit as everyone got on the train and left..........she blames the sign board which said her train was the second one in.....she then had to wait an hour and a half for the next one.

We had planned to stay in Evesham for an extra day as the forecast for Wednesday was dire.......and wrong!  The horrendous rain that was forecast did not arrive until late afternoon and then only lasted a short while and was not horrendous.  Still it gave us chance to have a wander around Evesham.  The park and the public toilets are wonderful but the town leaves a lot to be desired.  The toilets are managed by Wychavon district Council as are those at Pershore and both places they are scrupulously clean (3 times a day)

Today we decided to depart as and when we were ready which turned out to be 9am by the time Barney had had a good walk etc.
However some people were still not up
A crisp morning with lovely blue skies.

Evesham lock with it pretty lock house which used to me manned but no longer
The weir above the lock
Good paddling pool for the wildlife
solitary heron
cruising down the river.....but not on a Sunday afternoon

Lots of wildlife pictures today as we have Boe on board
The lighthouse at Offenham Lock
Just before Marcliff Lock we had great difficulty passing  a double long canoe full of children who were having a great time weaving about from side to side of the river.  We eventually passed them but round the next bend was the lock and two more loaded canoes just entering the lock......No 3 whom we had passed then came up to join them!!  We couldn't believe that they were going to take all those kids up the lock.   However the man in charge seemed to know what he was doing and the inflow from this lock was not as fierce as some of the previous ones.

Good place for a sunbathe??
Well hello there
When we reached the moorings at Bideford there was just room to get half of Petroc on the end as those same canoes were there taking up a fair bit of space.  However they were only staying for lunch so we were able to move back later on.

If we were continuing at our slow pace we would stay here for a couple of days but we have a date in Stratford so shall have to move on tomorrow.

In addition we have made the decision that we need to be in Fenny Stratford (Compton)by 1st October.   This is the first date that Lee Sanitation can come and see if they can repair our toilet.   So instead of paying for a call out fee we shall take the Mountain to to speak.   This means somewhat longer days than we have had over the last couple of months...

Total distance:8.01 miles 
Elapsed time:3h40m20s 
Average speed:2.18 mph (3.27 lock/mph) 


Adam said...

If you go to Fenny Stratford you'll still have a call out fee -- because LeeSan are at Fenny Compton!

BigJohn said...

Are Lee Sanitation coming to Fenny Stafford? Did you mean Fenny Compton?

Gillian Lovegrove said...

Maybe that was just a slip of the finger...........or maybe I was testing to see who was looking!!!!!!