Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Onwards towards Evesham

A couple of short showers on our run today but nothing drastic thankfully.  The goal was Sankey Marine where we had a date with a spare part for our shower

Private club of some sort...no mooring!!
3 locks today and they all have large weirs adjacent.
But the river is very low, despite the wet summer so not too much of a problem
The locks take us much longer than usual as we now tie fore and aft and rise at snails pace.
We reached Sankey just after coffee time.  Doug came and looked at the shower and we discussed the symptoms.  We all came to the conclusion that the problem was not the mixer bar which was the spare part we had ordered.  He explained what all the pipes were leading to the top of our calorifier and tried to see if there was an airlock but nothing found.  However I now understand better why we are getting hot water in the shower when the central heating is on but not very hot when only the engine is on.    He also showed us where there was a little knob on the top to control the heat that the water would come out of the taps.......we have only had the boat just over 8 years and never knew it was there.......maybe Darren should have told us!!!!  So we have tried turning it up a bit to see if that makes any difference to the shower......I am not hopeful.

Not far then to the moorings at Evesham so by lunchtime we were safely tied up and now await the arrival of Boe for a few days.

Total distance:10.71 miles 
Elapsed time:4h30m57s 
Average speed:2.37 mph (3.04 lock/mph)

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