Saturday, 26 September 2015

Expensive fuel is not for us

A more gentle start to the day which was good as the mornings are getting somewhat chilly.

Just four locks to the bottom of the Hatton flight and then the two Cape locks.  Sadly no company today, but going down is fine, and we only use one gate and one paddle...just so Geoff does not have to overexert himself!!

With our change of route we now needed a replenishment of fuel and although they do everything else, the Saltisford Arm does not do fuel.  The next place was Kate Boats in Warwick.  I phoned ahead to check their price and was told it was 80P (we have only paid 70p anywhere else this year) and that we could only do a 60/40 addition they didn't seem too keen to have our custom.  They said they were very busy and it was not a good day to come.  To be fair it was Saturday and turn around day I suppose but that was obviously a non starter so the next place is Calcutt.   I am told I shall have to ration the time the central heating is on in the morning until we reach there!

We stopped to shop in Tesco's in Warwick/Leamington.   On the canal I am never sure where Warwick ends and Leamington begins.   We also made a brief stop at Lidls for Geoff to stock up on his favourite chocolate.....(Good diet this!)

Then after a spot of lunch we carried on to Radford Semele.  Plenty of space to moor and the sun was still shining so out with the chair and put the washing out......

The ITV signal is a bit iffy so unsure whether we will carry on after church tomorrow or not, I need a good signal for Downton Abbey!

Only 6 locks today .  After the last 3 days that was dead easy.......
Having had it easy during most of August we have now done over 50 locks in 4 days.

Total distance:5.69 miles 
Elapsed time:5h26m28s (That did include shopping and a lunch stop)
Average speed:1.05 mph (2.15 lock/mph) 

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Bisous said...

We've just paid 60p a litre at the Pig Farm on the T&M. Bargain.
Last year Kate's refused point blank to sell us fuel. They said it was needed for their hire fleet and winter was coming.
Good luck.