Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wilmcote to Lowensford.

Another kind day, somewhat chilly for our early start but the canal was beautiful, the locks were all set in our favour and it is a lovely stretch of the canal...what more could one ask for??
lots of these pretty but narrow bridges
pretty wild flowers
Edstone Aquaduct at Wooton Wawen
Last time we came this way (in the other direction) it was blowing hard and it was a bit too exciting going over this aquaduct.   Today it was calm and peaceful.....
This is what is under part of it.
It is obviously not as spectacular as the Pontcysllte on the Llangollen, but it does have the same sheer drop down one side and a walkway on the other.   Despite not being nearly as high it still gave me collywobbles in my stomach as we went over........
Geoff had to steer
A white van stuck in a tree
Just before one of the locks there was this strange sight, very difficult to photo as the sun was in the wrong place.....we cannot imagine how it got there as surely no floods could have been that was very high up in the tree.
all the windows in this lock house are mirrors, presumably one way........
This used to be a lock cottage!
Such a pretty, gentle stretch of canal.
another modernised lock cottage
Yarningdale Aquaduct (just a baby one)
Moored at Lowensford opposite the Fleur de Lys pub
Called at the pub for a lunchtime pint and surveyed the menu for the evening.  However we decided that nice though it looked it was a bit pricey so decided to eat on board.   Later a couple of hire boats moored opposite us alongside the pub and one of them used this interesting mooring technique.....

7.23 miles, 9 locks, 4hrs 11 min

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