Friday, 14 September 2012


When we returned from our day out last evening there was still lots of empty mooring space.....

except around us........................
We had 2 smaller boats in front and 2 must have been the herding instinct.........
Evesham Waterfront

Evesham Lock with 'A' frame lockeepers house
But there is no longer a lock keeper as our book says....they have been moved to Stratford we were told.
upstream end of the lock with the weir to be avoided....

Lighthouse structure at Offenham Lock
The river may be low now but there is a very good reason for these houses to be on stilts!
Eventually reached our intended destination of Bidford-on-Avon.   We were extremely fortunate to get on the moorings as there is only room for 3/4 boats.  A Mini-gin obligingly moved up a little allowing us just to fit on the end.  For some reason we were both exhausted today so even I had a siesta and when we awoke all the other boats had gone so we could move up into the sun.  I think the exhaustion must have been caused by over-eating yesterday!   It is a delightful mooring place as there is a huge recreation ground just up the bank so Barnaby was in heaven.

It is immaculately kept with plenty of refuse bins and dog bins.   The town (Village??) is delightful with plenty of facilities and extremely tidy and clean.

6.48 miles, 3 locks, 3hrs 32 min

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