Monday, 17 September 2012

Weekend in Stratford

So our time on the Avon is at an end, tomorrow we have to go up the last lock into Stratford basin and onto the Stratford canal and begin to wend out way homeward.   It is very sad but 'tempis fugit' and all that.......

We have been extremely lucky with the weather during our 2 weeks on the Avon and we have been visited by various friends so it is a reluctant up pins tomorrow,

Toby & Iris, 2 of our visitors who are lucky enough to live in Stratford

Early morning slight mist from the back of Petroc
We have been moored just after the last lock into Stratford away from most of the crowds that were here on Saturday.
The 'Rec' alongside which we are moored.
It is wonderful for Barney, but he knows that there are the odd things left from picnickers, so is forever scavenging!

The ferry is a slightly quicker way into town if you are prepared to pay 50p!

Stratford Theatre
The sani facilities are beyond this and another bridge
It is apparently shallow there (so our book says) but as you can see below there is a narrow boat there.
It is beyond the entrance to the basin sh shall not bother but it is another pleasant mooring spot.

We are just heading for Rugby
Shakespeare's birthplace, we are told
The swans seem to like grazing alongside Petroc
On Sunday we went to Holy Trinity Church just across the water.  Not only was it Holy Communion but also a wedding.  We have never seen a wedding before during the normal Sunday service.   They were a slightly older couple who were marrying who did not have large families and wanted their family of the church to be present.  It all fitted into the service very well and the bride looked lovely.  The church was packed, needless to say.

This was followed by Sunday lunch in the Old Tramway pub.   Geoff had found it on his wanderings and it was away from the crowds in the town.  We can thoroughly recommend it.

The river here has been a delight.   The swans are there first thing in the morning when I take Barney for his early morning walk, soon followed by the rowers.  Later the trip boats start and on Saturday and Sunday, numerous people in hired rowing boats, with varying degrees of skill!!!    It all quietens down in the evening, although some rowers appear again.    Interspersed with all this are narrowboats coming up the lock and the odd mini-gin.  

The licence for two weeks cost us £60 but we don't begrudge it as the Avon Trust have done a fantastic job.

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