Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Mooring in Tewkesbury
We moored here 3 years ago and were closer to the bridge and surrounded by tall buildings so my memories were not good.  However this time we are further back towards the lock and it is really quite congenial, sufficient to stay over a day anyway.   There is nearby grass for Barney and a short walk takes you to Hamm meadows where there is tons of space for him.

Admittedly it is also full of sheep, but since he takes not a blind bit of notice of them we are OK.

 Some of them do give him the eye but just wander off.

The morning was spent exploring Tewkesbury and in the afternoon I managed to get some work done.......Geoff siestered!!!!

Tewkesbury Abbey

Later Geoff  and Gill came for a drink and we all went to the Black Bear across the road for a meal.

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