Thursday, 6 September 2012

Tewkesbury to Eckington

It was a lovely morning with just that bit of mist sitting on the water as Geoff discovered when he took Barney for his early morning walk around the Hamm

Later we walked through the town again which has some interesting old buildings and then went to the morning Holy Communion Service in the Abbey

We said goodbye to the lock keeper who had been very helpful with his local knowledge (including pubs!)

After watering we set off for the trip to Eckington.  We were joined by Geoff and Gill (Smith not Lovegrove!) who were doing a two car shuffle and joining us for the trip.   First through the low arch of St John's bridge and then the first stop was for fuel at Tewkesbury Marina.  I had already phoned and ascertained the price of 92p and we could declare our own split.  Their full  price is £1.55 which is considerably higher than at road garages but seems to be what we have to pay.

Approaching the busy M5 with Bredon church spire (Geoff & Gill's home town)

Plenty of traffic and one of the very few boats we met today on the move.
For most of the trip we could see Bredon Hill as the river winds it's way around it.  3 years ago together with Geoff and Gill we had climbed to the top where the views are fantastic.

We had the first of the unmanned locks to negotiate at Strensham.   This has a rather clapped out swing bridge just in front of it and we made the mistake of going through this before Geoff emptied the lock.   There is very little room between the bridge and the lock although there is a pontoon at at not very clever angle.  Needless to say the water gushing out of the lock as it emptied threw me around somewhat and it was not a very elegant entry to the lock.....
Eckington Bridge with Bredon Hill in the background.

It is a tight turn through the bridge and the moorings are on the far right which were empty when Geoff and Gill parked their car there earlier...... unfortunately they were no longer.   There were two boats moored on the only bit with a decent quayside.   However there looked like a possibility along the grass just behind them.   There was and there were even small  mooring posts but it is not an easy job getting on and off!!!  However it is very congenial as it has some picnic tables and benches
so we are content!

Later we drove up to the village and had an excellent meal in the Bell pub where one of their specialities is a Pie and a Pud for £9.95.   Excellent and highly recommended.
7.58 miles, 1 lock, 2hrs 57min

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