Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Pershore to Evesham

Roused from my bed early this morning again....just when I had managed to sleep past 0430 as well!!!!!!
It was a bright and breezy morning, no rain thank goodness.   A front was supposed to have gone through in the night but neither of us heard very much rain.
After the first lock we picked up another small narrow boat called Just Furtling.   It was on delivery to Wilton marine but what on earth they were going to do with it was anybody's guess...although only 10 years old it was in a very sorry state of repair and the chap taking it up there was having all sorts of problems.   We forgot to ask his name but he used to work at Clifton Cruisers (Petroc's winter home) and remembers Petroc being launched there.  

There were some houses with lovely terraced gardens along this first stretch, but wonder what they look like when the river floods.......

pretty Black Swan...probably just as vicious as the white ones!!!!
Restaurant at Wyre Piddle!!!
Sankey Marine
About a mile before Evesham we stopped off at Sankey Marine.  It was Doug from here who came to our aid on Saturday with our leak.   We cannot praise them enough.  Not only did he come out at the weekend (in 20 mins) but the bill which we called  in today to pay was extremely reasonable.   In addition, fingers crossed, he seemed to have sorted the problem.   Thoroughly recommended.
Coming up to Chadbury Lock with the weir running our way....
So now we are moored in Evesham and awaiting our visitors, John and Rosi, tomorrow.   Very few boats around, so we were able to shunt ourselves along a bit in order to get a satellite picture.   We only saw 4 other boats all day, and there are only 2 other boats moored here.
9.65miles, 3 locks, 3hrs 53 min

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Pam said...

The name of the boat mover was Andy Grinter