Thursday, 27 September 2012

Almost to Braunston

Layover day again yesterday,  Geoff had a long walk with Barney and I was domesticated!!!!  I steeled myself to clean the oven to have one less task when we get back to Clifton.   I felt very virtuous when it was complete!!
Today we decided not to bust a gut too early in the hope that someone else would be up and that we would find company for the locks.    Whilst Geoff was out early for the paper he arranged with the boat moored a little way in front of us to go together.   So at 9am we set off together in beautiful sunshine and clear sky....not even too cold....the other boat was a Rose Narrowboat Hire with an Australian family on board.   It was their first time on a narrowboat but we got on well together even managing to enter locks side by side without mishap.
We parted company after 10 locks as they wanted to find a pub for a pint.........and we carried on 

When we reached the 3 Calcutt Locks there were 3 boats waiting so we paired up with the 3rd, lucky again.

After 2 locks we stopped at Calcutt for fuel and our partner went on.  Our timing was good because as we finished, our Australian friends had caught up so we were able to share the last lock.......the sun was still shining........
We were turning left at the junction and all of a sudden there were boats everywhere.  We paused at the junction to let a boat come through and then edged gingerly forward with a long loud blast of our horn.   I don't know why we bothered because a boat coming from our left didn't bother to reply with a hoot to advise us of his presence ad he just ploughed on, so a touch of reverse was necessary!

Today's unusual boat
Answers on a post card please??
There are lots of good mooring places along this stretch but we wanted to put ourselves within walking distance of Braunston as we plan to stay over again tomorrow.     Found a lovely spot in the open, no trees, good satellite signal, good path for Barney.   It is a bit far for me too walk but OK for Geoff and Barney  (Good 2 miles each way)
How lucky we have been again, the brilliant sunshine disappeared just after we moored up and now we have had rain.

For weeks we have been saying  "Where are all the boats"  as we have seen so few travelling...well that is all changed now...since turning at the junction onto the Oxford/GU it has been like Piccadilly going every which way and that.......since we have been moored up there is a steady flow of boats both ways.......
7.8 miles, 13 locks, 5 hours 13 min

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