Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sojourn in Worcester

A gentle weekend here in Worcester.   Emma and I had time shopping on Saturday and she departed late afternoon on the train.   Geoff discovered a good circular walk via the other side of the river so Barney is happy.
Worcester is an interesting town to explore and there are plenty of nice buildings with a lovely riverside walkway

Entrance to Diglis basin (first of the 2 locks) in the foreground
Looking back at Diglis Entrance
Diglis Lock on the river en route to Tewkesbury
Lonely fisherman below the weir at Diglis Lock
Today we went to the Cathedral for Holy Communion.  The acoustics were not of the best unfortunately (Geoff says it was the microphones) so I had trouble making any sense of the sermon since I only seemed to catch one word in 3!!!  On the other hand it could be that my hearing is failing with age...............................
There was a huge man sitting in front of us with a huge (baritone I think) voice to match....quite delightful to hear.......
Later Gill & Geoff Smith met us for Lunch. We returned to the Diglis Hotel and had another  good meal in their conservatory overlooking the river.    We hadn't seen them for a while so managed to have a good catch up.

We returned to Petroc for a lazy teatime with them and hope to see them again later in the week as they live in Bredon on our route up the Avon.

We have decided to stay over another day as it is so pleasant here.  The Severn does not seem to be running nearly as much as when we arrived on Friday although it is still in the amber.

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