Sunday, 23 September 2012

Hatton Flight

A Domestic and relaxing day on Friday culminated in the arrival of daughter Emma and her boyfriend Dave who were coming to help us down the Hatton Flight.   We met them at the Navigation Pub when they arrived about 9pm and couldn't believe how packed the pub was when we walked in.   

On the Sat we were on the go much earlier than they would normally have been up on a Saturday!!!!!   But as promised the weather was chilly but beautifully clear, one of those morning where there was a slight mist on the canal when I took Barney for his early morning walk.

Emma set off to move her car to the bottom of the flight and then did a run to meet us...she is running a half marathon at the end of next month.

There was not a sign of a boat to team up with but with extra crew it was a very easy run down on such a beautiful day......a day which I suspect is the last for a while...

There was this sign which I would like to see more of
By no means all but there are some cyclists who seem to think they own the towpath.   You can't hear them coming sometimes and some of them would never dream of using a bell or even to shout out a cheery 'Good Morning'  to warn you of their approach.
It might have been a mid summers day at the cafe.
Dave & Emma working hard
Coffee break half way down
We moored above the two locks just before the Cape of Good Hope pub and repaired there for a lunchtime pint

We had met only 2 boats coming up and none appeared to be following us down.   
Barney doesn't like going over the gates!!
On our return to Petroc Geoff was unable to get a TV picture on either the satellite or the Freeview so.........we had to move.........we went down the two locks and moored just beneath where it was a lot more open..........Sunday was Grand Prix day and Geoff, Emma and Dave had designs on watching it....... not my cup of tea.....
In the evening we went back to the Cape of Good Hope for supper, which was good pub grub.   Geoff went for his favourite mixed grill!!!!!  
As expected the weather turned today, although the morning was dry, but by mid-day the promised rain was here and we are promised more of the same with high winds tomorrow.......I think I'll stay in bed.
7.95 miles, 23 locks, 6 hours  (Saturday)

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