Saturday, 15 September 2012

Bidford-on-Avon to Stratford-on-Avon

Opposite our mooring in Bidford were some rather nice apartments,  something like that would do us nicely when we finally retire from the water..................
Approaching Bidford Bridge into sun
There are several arches but ours is a very narrow one to the right 
It was also very shallow to the side and Geoff had to yell at me to get my stern over.  I was glad the wind of yesterday was not blowing!
Looking back at Bidford Bridge
Bidford Church
The Weir at WA Cadbury Lock
WA Cadbury Lock
All locks on the Upper Avon have 2 names, one of which reflects the name of the benefactor who helped pat for its restoration.   All have large weirs which are to avoided at all costs.......
One of the several large houses along this stretch.
Approaching Binton Bridge. 
  Numerous arches to the left but ours was hidden on the right

Our audience at the last lock of the day
In fact there was a slightly bigger audience as we were now in Stratford and the gongoozlers were out........

We pulled into the first available space just after the lock at the end of the meadows in Stratford.   Another lovely sunny day cruising a wonderful stretch of the river....and all without the strong breeze of yesterday, for which we were very grateful as a couple of the bridges would have been much trickier in the wind.

7.67 miles, 6 locks, 4hrs 25 min

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