Sunday, 30 September 2012

Weekend in Braunston

We managed to moor just before the junction as we approached Braunston, nicely out in the open.   It was a longer walk to the shops etc but much better than the moorings closer in which are a bit dark in places.
Saturday lunchtime we checked out the Admiral Nelson with Tina and Klim from Brindley and Pat and Simon from Daedulus.  The sun still shone for us and we were able to site outside which is much the same as ever.  However the inside had had a makeover since we were here last and is a bit more upmarket than we remember.   Apparently it is under new management (Yet again).  It looked good enough to book for Sunday Lunch so we did.

Sunday we went to Braunston Church and they have a new Vicar since were were here last.  She was very jolly and very enthusiastic so it was a good service.

Later we walked up to the Admiral Nelson to meet Fran and Keith for lunch.  A good meal and a convivial afternoon as we took our time as we had lots of catching up to do.

Thanks to Sue on No Problem I have a new app for my iphone which tells us which way to point our freeview aerial which is proving very useful when there are no houses around to give you a clue.   I already have the Dishpointer app for the satellite which has made Geoff's life easier.   Sometimes we need both as we have different tastes in TV programmes so I can use my TV dongle on my computer to get freeview.
Sad really, but we don't spend or lives glued to the TV, but when it is getting chillier outside it is nice to batten down the hatches on a Sunday night...........

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