Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Trent Lock Junction

Boe departed on Monday morning but we stayed over another day.  My netbook was duly purchased from PC World.  The moorings are very busy but also very congenial.  There is lots of grass for Barney to lie out on and watch the world go by which is what he likes to do.    The bank was at a convenient height so I was able to paint one side to cover up some of the scratches we (Geoff says I!!) have managed to put on.
Boats seemed to be on the move all the time and even in the dark.  A large proportion of them seem to have lost the art of slowing down for moored boats.
Tuesday we were up early to shop in Sainsburys, conveniently places a stones throw away behind some bushes.........
Since we were on a canalised section I was able to walk for the first part of the trip along a good towpath.   This is something that has been lacking for a while.   I walked the first couple of miles and then swapped with Geoff...Barney gets twice the walk!
And so to Beeston Lock where we locked up to the last stretch of river for this year.  However the sun was shining and it was a pleasant run to Trent Lock.
I missed the only notable event I could have captured on camera as I was down below sorting out the laundry..........Geoff saw them cutting some trees on the bank where there were narrow boats moored.  Something obviously went wrong because he heard a crack as a tree fell and it went straight over one of the narrow boats.  Luckily Geoff thought that there was no sign of anyone aboard...
At the junction we went straight ahead as we wanted to get fuel at Sawley Marina.  Castle marina in Nottingham closes all day Tuesday and Beeston marina said their price was 83p before tax.   Since Sawley said theirs was 72p we decided to go on there.  The plan was to turn straight around and moor back at the junction but it was late lunchtime by then so we decided to stay on the moorings opposite the marina. as they are in the open and quite pleasant.  Tomorrow we shall start up the Erewash canal and hope to meet up with Epiphany who have just reached the top.

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