Friday, 13 August 2010

Tattershall Bridge

The promised heavy rain showers arrived in the afternoon but in between it was OK.   We had a good visit with Denis & Carole who brought their 11 week old puppy Daisy with them.
Barney was not overly impressed and resisted all her advances to play!
The only interruptions to the afternoon were the occasional thundershower and extremely low aircraft from nearby Coningsby.  This continued well into the evening, it was obviously night flying night!  We have discovered that this mooring in very close to the end of the runway and just off the centre line!  On the way down yesterday Geoff saw the Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane flying together......I missed them as I was down below attending to domestic duties just as I normally am when he spots the Kingfishers!!
However the forecast for today is for heavy rain and lots of wind so we shall stay here awaiting the arrival of this weekend's guests Anne & Keith.

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