Thursday, 19 August 2010

Kirkstead Bridge (for Woodhall Spa)

We departed early on Thursday in the hope we would find space at Kirkstead.  When we went down there was no room at the Inn, so were forced to continue  This time we were lucky, only one small boat there, so we tucked ourselves right at the end of the pontoon.  Barney likes to sit outside and watch the world go by and if we are at the end he is not in anyones way.  The small boat left and another came in briefly but we remained in solitary isolation until the evening when one more boat arrived.  There is room here for about 5 narrowboats.
We had been lucky with the weather all day and the rain conveniently came back in the evening...that two nights on the trot the bad weather has gone through in the night...long may it last.   We are hoping for the same today as we are expecting visitors.

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