Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Good pontoon moorings above Bardsey Lock beyond a line of permanent moorings.  A sani station here with a good hot shower which Emma availed herself of just before we left about 11, after a delightful morning sitting in the sun.  This is a very gentle pleasant waterway, if devoid of features along some stretches.  It makes us feel very relaxed after the Chesterfield.  However I am glad to read from their blog that NB Epiphany are enjoying the Chesterfield.   There were parts that we enjoyed, especially the top end, but sadly for us the shallowness, narrowness and weed did not counteract the good parts sufficiently.
As we had been warned we have now encountered some weed on this waterway, but the river is wide and deeper and it is possible to steer round most of it and so far (fingers crossed) we have not had a problem.

Weed at the sides of the water
We had a stop at Bardsey Bridge for Emma and I (and of course Barney)to walk the 1/2 mile into the village for a few groceries and then just a few more miles down river to Southrey.  Our book gave moorings on the north side but in fact they were on both sides and only one small boat there.  We opted for the north bank.
It has been quite a windy day but for once the wind was behind us.
A short walk up Ferry Lane brings you to the tiny church of St John the Divine, part of the Bardsey Group of churches and built just over 100 years ago.

The moorings themselves are by the old Southram Station as the old sign proclaims.

The track of the old railway, now known as the `Water Rail Way` has been paved over and runs from Lincoln to Boston.
The habitation here consists of a cluster of bungalows, the Church and a pub with a tiny shop attached where you have to ring the bell if you want access and didn't appear to stock very much.   The pub was basic but with a friendly landlord.  30 years ago there was a ferry here and the slipway is still visible.   

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