Wednesday, 18 August 2010


And so the short trip to Boston on Tuesday.  Boston parish Church, locally known as `The Stump` comes into view during the last straight run in.
Nicholson's said there were good moorings here but I had looked on google maps and couldn't see where.  However when we became nearer, lo and behold..............................
.....................lovely new looking empty moorings so we put ourselves on the far end alongside.    We had just sorted ourselves out and Geoff was going for a wander when BW came along and said we could not moor there because the moorings were not yet commissioned...........we were directed a little further along to this.................
There was nothing basically wrong with the position but we couldn't even get half of Petroc alongside a very suspect looking jetty.  The BW man did apologise and said we couldn't use the new moorings because of Health & Safety!!  We lay happily enough there but would not like to have had a strong wind.  We had planned to spend a couple of nights there but were told that the first night was free and then it was £7 a night. I was moved to ask him how they could charge £7 for such a mooring but he just shrugged.......The weekly charge is £34.    I said we would only be staying the one night and he said most people did the same......they can't want visitors.....
Still apart from the rickety jetty is was not a bad mooring and about 10 min walk into town.
This is what the inside of the Boston Stump looks like.
I had yet another dental appointment in the afternoon in a surgery a 10 min bus ride away.   I was convinced I would come back minus the offending tooth but it was not to be, persevere a bit more, maybe it will settle down.........One man and his dog were waiting for me on my return!
Wednesday morning we visited the town again as it was market day, not the best market we have been to, I was ripped off with blueberries at one stall.  £1.30 for a punnet and later I saw the same size punnet for 60p!!
After shopping and yet another visit to Waterstones for Geoff to buy books we returned to Petroc.
We set off for the moorings at Anton's Gowt just two miles up stream which had been empty when we passed yesterday.  Guess what.......they were not empty now, so we carried on another couple of miles to Langrick Bridge which were deserted.

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