Thursday, 12 August 2010

Not where we intended to end up.

Today the plan was to travel the 3.5 miles to Kirkstead Bridge which is just a mile away from Woodhall Spa.   We are expecting visitors this afternoon and then again tomorrow for the weekend and it seemed a convenient place to be.   However the best laid plans........
Emma set off to run the 3.5 miles and took Barney with her which was a big mistake.   He did not like being separated from the boat and even when she put him on the lead he was not co-operative.
When we reached Kikstead Bridge the moorings were full with boats breasted up.    We breasted up alongside another narrowboat temporarily whilst we considered out plan of action.  In front were two small plastic boats and a River Canal Rescue engineer arrived for one of them   Apparently they would be departing if the problem was guarantee.  Breasted up was not an option as we could not get Barney on the boat.
So Geoff and Emma departed in her car with which she had been reunited, to see what the score was at the next moorings at Tattershall Bridge.   They came back with a favourable report so we set off for another 3.5 miles.
When half way there Emma rang to say 2 narrowboats were approaching the moorings which would have been s**s law and made Geoffrey very unhappy so I didn't tell him!!  Luckily they passed the moorings by and we have moored successfully.
Our problems were not over as soon after lunch our toilet decided to play up, so much more unhappiness for Geoffrey!   However we think it is mended, fingers crossed.   We shall try it for the rest of the day and hope we do not have to put our weekend visitors off..............
After a lovely morning the rain has now caught up with us before our afternoon visitors arrive........

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