Saturday, 21 August 2010

Still at Kirkstead Bridge

This is the sort of weed we encounter in parts on this canal.   However it is duckweed(I think) and not deep.  It is rarely all across like this and you could dodge through.  Even if it is across the whole width you are going at a reasonable speed (for a narrowboat!) and you seem to push it away with the bows.   There are some patches of the other sort of weed (the Chesterfield type!!) but not too many and so far we have not had a problem.
Walking along the banks from Kirkstead which Geoff does with Barney he came across these animals!

Barney was interested
We are staying over another day here as we are expecting visitors today.   Only one other boat has joined us on the mooring and we are very surprised.  It was so busy on our way downstream.

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