Thursday, 5 August 2010

Tidal Trent again

Sue the lock keeper had told us 2.30 was the time we would go out, however we needed fuel and the pump is on the end of the lock so she said to come up about 1 and fill up.  We duly did this but then had to back out of the lock as two other boats were going down and as they were going as far as Cromwell Lock they had to go first.   However, every cloud has a silver lining, they went down and Epiphany came up, so we were able to see them albeit briefly. 

We shared the lock with a little plastic job

River Trent, here we come

My thanks to Fi on Epiphany for the 4 photos above.   The trip was uneventful and not overly interesting.  But there is a lot of adrenalin in evidence on Petroc when we are on a tidal stretch.   We eventually emerged from the lock about 2.45 and reached Torksey about 5.15

The only happening of note was that Geoff lost one of our cups overboard!!!   When he rounded one of the many bends into a windy stretch, it blew away and he almost lost the Trent chart that it was supposed to be holding down..........

We have become used to not seeing many boats whilst on the Chesterfield so we were greatly surprised when we turned into the Torksey cut to see the pontoons were full.   Some were waiting to go up and some were moored.   We breasted up to a Dutch barge who was having to wait until Saturday to go up as there was not enough water over the cill in the lock for them as we are right on neap tides.

The wait was not too long and soon we were in the lock in company with 3 others.

We emerged after a slow ride up and went past lots of permanent moorings with plastic jobs on, and found there was space on the visitor moorings in a reasonably congenial spot.

Forefast tonight gives it as not as bad tomorrow as we had anticipated.....S***s law

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