Friday, 6 August 2010

Another Navigation

This is not a canal it is a navigation.......the Fossdyke navigation to be exact.

How lovely to be off the river and into the calm waters of whatever it is!!!!

We spent the first night on the visitor moorings at Torksey.    They are quite extensive but also reasonably full.
However there was room for us, although one of the other boats who came up with us but had stopped at the watering point had to breast up.

The mooring was congenial enough but as we had anticipated there are high banks either side.  Opposite us peeking over the top were the roofs of what I took to be a holiday camp.   Row upon row of brown huts.  Later when Geoff went on an explore he discovered that it was in fact a retirement village.   It looked more like Stalag Luft 3 to me!!

We decided on a late start as I had some work to to (I am not quite retired....), however after coffee we decided to make a move and check out Saxilby.   We have visitors coming this weekend and we wanted to check out the local hostelries.   We have Rosi & John Lillis coming tomorrow for 3 nights, not staying on board but residing in the Holiday Inn in Lincoln.  We also have daughter Emma coming on Sunday until Friday.

It was only 5 miles to Saxilby.   They may have been slightly lacking in interest miles (although Geoff spotted a kingfisher) BUT THEY WERE WEED FREE MILES.   We also felt we were back on a more normal waterway and did not have the feeling that we were struggling uphill all the time as we had on the Chesterfield.

Reasonable moorings and plenty of space.   There are a few narrowboats about and more plastic boats.  It could not be described as busy but it is certainly busier than the Chesterfield.

Have been very slack with photos today but will rectify that tomorrow.

S*** Law definitely kicked in as the promised forecast of much wind and rain did not materialise.......we could have had an evening with Epiphany..........

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