Sunday, 2 August 2009


Friday 31st July

We were reluctant to leave Pennington Flash as it was such a lovely mooring so we decided to stay over yet another day. No rain until early evening although with the wind it was not really warm enough to sit out (is is only mid summer after all!!). Still, with my chair up in the cratch and my crosswords, sudoko and good book I could also enjoy the view. Geoff did more walking with Barney so it has been a lovely sojourn here for a few days.

Saturday 1st August

0530 red sky in the morning!

Surprisingly we awoke to the rain again.....but it had let up sufficiently by 10am for us to start off for Wigan. Not an unpleasant run and as we approached we had locks again....Geoff misses his locking......
We were planning our usual Sunday visit to the local church followed by carvery Sunday lunch at the George Orwell pub. We had enjoyed their lunch when we were here two years ago. We moored just above the lock by Wigan dry dock and Geoff went off for his usual explore. He came back a disappointed man.....the George Orwell was all boarded up and none of the other pubs looked inviting, in fact two more of the pubs mentioned in our guide book were also boarded up so we decided it would have to be a hastily concocted Plan B. We will move on after church and some shopping (luckily the church is not shut and there is a big Tesco) a couple of miles to where there are a couple of pubs marked. I did try phoning one of them to check on their Sunday Lunch availability but there was no reply. Optimistically this could be because they were very busy.....on the other hand maybe they are shut also! We shall this space...

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Derek and Dot said...

What date is your Ribble link crossing? We left Liverpool yesterday and will be on the Rufford arm Tues or Wed weather permitting although not booked for the link. Hope to see you again then.