Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Brief Encounter at Carnforth

Wednesday 26th August
The forecast for today was dire so we decided to stay put. Despite being rather adjacent to the pub we have had no problem with noise.......probably because the weather is not good enough for people to sit outside.

Our entertainment for the day was a visit to the Carnforth Railway Visitor Centre. The station buffet provided the setting for the 1945/6 film Brief Encounter with Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson. When the old station buildings were abandoned in 1968 they fell into ruins. A lot of work and fundraising meant that in 2003 the visitor centre opened. Everything is centered around their claim to fame through the film but it has been extremely well done and in addition shows all the history of the railways in this area. The buffet has been reconstructed to the same as that used in the film and is a working cafe.

Station Clock

Buffet circa 1945

Tomorrow we shall venture back to Lancaster for the night.
The summer (if it can be called that) seems to have sped past. We only have about 6 weeks left on Petroc...very sad.

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Fi said...

You obviously enjoyed your visit! Did it loook like this?!
- see the photo credits:-)