Saturday, 8 August 2009


Saturday 8th August
A pleasant gentle and uneventful 4 hour trip still with Ros and Mike up to Garstang. We left about 8.30am and quite some time saw no other boats but by about 10am the rest of the world seemed to have woken up. At one point I was gently coming up to a bridge very slowly so that Mike and Ros could get off to walk when a smallish cruiser appeared from the other direction. Since I was there first he backed off and waited for me. However I then went aground and it took a few minutes to manoeuvre myself off and eventually through the bridge. As I passed the boat I politely apologised for holding him up (it really wasn't that long!) and said I had gone aground...but I had a rather frosty reception......some people have no patience.....!!
We moored on the very beginning of the moorings before the aqueduct, once again only bows into the bank, but at least no gang plank needed this time. Ros & Mike were collected by son Rob at tea time and we shall stay here tomorrow and move on early on Monday probably to Lancaster.

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