Thursday, 30 July 2009

Pennington Flash

Tuesday 28th July

After shopping in Lymm we set off. The forecast for Wednesday was not good so we thought we would get as far as possible so we could hole up on Wednesday!!!! In the event it began to rain as we left and rained on and off all much for the BBQ summer. Eventually moored at Astley. Not a brilliant mooring but we had had enough.

Wednesday 29th July

Short hop to Pennington Flash before the rain set in again. We stopped briefly in Leigh to buy the paper and then found ourselves a lovely mooring with a view of the flash and lots of lovely walks for dogs. Rain again but it cleared sufficiently late afternoon for Geoff and Barney to go for a long walk.
Our secluded mooring, no other boats

Pennington Flash before the rain came back

Pennington Flash in the rain
Wednesday night was not good. We had huge thunderstorms and torrential rain.

Thursday 30th July

We had always planned for this to be a layover day. We had visions of the sun shining so we could really enjoy this mooring.......what a was still raining at 11am. By then it was clearing sufficiently for Barney & I to go for a walk and Geoff to walk back to Leigh for a few provisions and the paper. Later in the afternoon I also had to do the walk as my USB extension cable had given up the ghost. This is an essential part of my computer kit as it allows me to put the modem where I can receive a signal whilst playing with my computer in a more comfortable spot.
We are not planning to go far tomorrow as we are marking time until our booking on the Ribble Link on 6th August.

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