Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Tuesday 4th August

The forecast dire and wet day did not really materialise although we did have rain to begin with. However by mid morning it was dry so we decided to make the trip to Tarleton. We went into the marina on the left just after the last lock to buy a new gas cylinder and fuel. Although no rain it was quite windy so the entrance and mooring up was quite interesting and needed a bit of wellie......

Diesel 57p and declare our own split for tax and a good book swap so it was worth the effort.

Gentle cruise up with no other boats around and it gets much narrower when you join the course of the old river Douglas

Quite flat and very "backwaterish" around here

Little spots of interest but this one a bit gloomy

Far more interesting(enlarge the picture)

We passed this church just before Tarleton and were fascinated by the route to the scaffolding.

Visitors Moorings

There was plenty of space on the visitor moorings when we arrived but they were not what we were expecting. They are in an industrial setting and although we have a patch of grass Barnaby cannot avail himself of his favourite pastime of sitting on the bank as there are lots of vans etc on the adjacent road.

Having thought we were the only boat in the world all day we found there were plenty here at Tarleton.

We were expecting a huge lock as this was the start of our next big adventure(I don't want adventure!) but once again not what we expected...just a normal lock.

Tarleton Lock
Very pleasant evening with Derek & Dot from Gypsy Rover on board for pre supper drinks. We had last seen them at Braunston on an early trip on Petroc. They have just been to Liverpool, which we were going to miss out. However they spoke so glowingly of their trip that the skipper is this space.
A day of rest today (Wednesday)with friends arriving to visit. Also a day of preparation. Anchor and life jackets to dig out and we need to have a good read of the Skippers Guide we have been sent. I am not too sure I am looking forward to tomorrow.......why do we do these things......

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Heth said...

I've just read this, here's a co-incidence, after not knowing where our marina is,(& me trying to explain it by email) it appears you've already been in it for fuel & gas!

You would've gone past our boat to get to the service area. Yes, it's the marina on the left after lock 7, whilst headed towards Tarleton.

Phew, glad that's sorted lol, have a great time.