Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Morecombe in the rain with Eric!

Tuesday 25th August
Since we were so close we decided we had to visit Morecombe...20 min on the bus with our free bus pass.......
However Morecombe in the rain is not that prepossessing!
There was blue sky in the distance over the lakes but it seemed reluctant to head our way.
Whilst there we also felt we had to visit Eric Morecome's statue........how cool can you get!
During our walk along the promenade we passed the new lifeboat station. Initially we did not think they could operate very often as it was a long way to the water, then we discovered that their craft was a hovercraft.
By the time we left the sun had decided to show it's face and the tide had come in a fair way so everything began to look a little more prepossessing.
However we've been there now, don't need to repeat the experience......

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