Sunday, 9 August 2009

Sunday in Gargrave

Sunday 9th August
We went to the parish Church this am which had one of the largest congregations we have seen for a while. Later Geoff had a long walk with Barnaby and went to find Greenhalgh Castle.

Or rather what is left of was never rebuilt after the Reformation.
Early evening we walked to the aqueduct which overlooks the 14th hole of Garstang Golf Course. Mike, who had been with us yesterday was playing with his son Rob so we took some photos of the pros at play!

We had lunch in Th'Owd Tithebarn which was excellent. You can sit overlooking the canal basin. We were spoilt for choice of pubs to eat in, there were so many.
Garstang itself is full of flowers. We haven't been anywhere with so many tubs and baskets for a long time. Not just outside pubs and houses, but shops and railings as well.

Canal looking north

Outside Morrisons Car park

I would not like any of my readers to run away with the idea that life is all play so I will tell you that I also had a go at cleaning our cratch cover which is looking a little sorry for itself and I cleaned the windows inside and out....I did miss out the outside of the waterside ones. Geoff was away walking and I have fallen in once this year but at least he was there to pull me out that time, so I didn't think I would risk it!
We plan to move on to Lancaster tomorrow although the forecast is for this nice spell of weather to come to an end tonight. We have realised that we have not nearly enough time to explore all the places we would like to. I plan to call BW tomorrow to see if there is any chance of getting a later booking back down the Ribble Link but I am not holding my breath.

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