Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Lancaster Canal terminus

Tuesday/Wednesday 18/19th August
A gentle start from Lancaster. After shopping & watering we left before the trip boat as we did not want to get stuck behind it. We had stayed 7 days in Lancaster, although we did have a break at the weekend. We were sorry to say goodbye but we have the option to stop here on the return trip.
We moored for the night at Hest Bank which is the closest the canal comes to the coast. From our mooring we could see the sea....or rather where the sea might have been if the tide was in!
This is the vast expanse of Morecombe Bay.

We had a good walk with Barney down on the dunes which delighted him as we had space to throw his ball.
There are several shops here but nothing practical as far as we were concerned as the newsagent was all closed up.
We left in the morning in the sunshine...........what bliss. Not wall to wall sun, that would be too much to ask, but sufficient to make the run up to Tewitfield extremely pleasant. To our left we could see Morecombe Bay and the hills of the Lake District behind and to our right a lot of lovely gardens at the bottom of some big houses.
A brief stop at Bolton-le-Sands to get a paper and straight through Carnforth, as we plan to stop here on the way back.
As we progressed it became quite narrow but we passed only one other boat.
And so to the last bridge on the navigable part of the Lancaster

There are 7 day moorings just beyond. We had difficulty getting in although there were only two other boats there but it is very shallow. Very gallantly one of the boats moved up slightly so we could squeeze in least we had our bows in. The site is very pleasant on our side of the canal but just opposite they are building a new marina and we have the digger hard at work! At least they should knock off at 5 we hope.


Fi said...

Feeling a little green! Hope you have moor sunshine. The digger stopped at five when we were there!So hopefully by now pece reigns, apart from the M6!

Fi said...

Sorry about typos!Too much sun!