Monday, 3 August 2009

Rufford Branch

Monday 3rd August
Before recounting today's activities I feel I must record another of yesterdays disasters. Whilst shopping in Wigan, we purchased some raspberries which I had in a shopping bag slung over my shoulder. It was only later when I went to put the shopping bag away that I noticed it was very PINK. Later still I looked at the coat I had been best going to church coat!!! Huge pink stains........luckily cold water and "vanish" seem to have done the trick
Oh, and lest I forget, we had two of our solar lamps stolen whilst moored in Wigan...our first taste of vandalism so far this year.

Gentle start today with the intention to get as far as we could as the forecast for tomorrow is not good...yet again.
This was the morning we entered Lancashire and our first stop was Parbold to get the paper. Canalside it is quite pretty with its disused windmill.
Later just before the turning to the Rufford Branch we passed 3 sunken boats and also passed the only moving boat we saw all day.

Below is the bridge leading to the Rufford Arm which will take us to Tarleton and then the Ribble Crossing which is booked for Thursday. We could have moored just before the turn but were carrying on because of Tuesday's forecast.
Once through the arch the first lock and a swing bridge are straight ahead but we needed to water.

This must be the most awkward spot to put a water point. The swing bridge is just out of the picture forward of the bow and the water tap is that small black thing you can just see at the stern. Mooring was interesting.

This junction (Burscough Junction) has long been noted for its connection to the canal life. The pretty cottages were once canal workers homes.........I am presuming no longer!

There are 7 locks between here and Rufford and there were no boats going in our direction to share with and none coming the other way and all the locks were against us...such is life. They are quite hard work as all they all have to be unpadlocked and locked up again afterwards.
We have eventually stopped just before the 7th lock at Rufford and as we were mooring the heavens opened....only briefly but it was enough.

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Heth said...

Good luck with your crossing, just been reading Derek & Dot's blog for today (Tues) & that they'd seen you.

On your way down the Rufford Branch you went past us, I don't know if you're familiar with my blog, I'm Heather from Takey Tezey & we're on St Mary's marina. Would be nice to meet you on your way back thru here, whenever that may be!