Thursday, 6 August 2009

Rest day at Tarleton

Wednesday 5th August
Today was a day of rest before the river run, which I at least was very dubious about. Our friends Bill, Hilary & Sue were due to arrive about 11am for the day. However a small hiccup on the navigational side meant a somewhat later arrival!
Nevertheless we managed to have a great day with them. We drove back to Rufford Old Hall and had a wander in the grounds and a very good lunch before eventually returning to Petroc and a light supper. Their journey home was only half as long as the journey to us!!

Rufford Old HallWhich one is the scarecrow?

Yak Yak Yak (must be two females)

The house has been there a long time......
By the evening all the boats for the run next day were assembled as well as Gypsy Rover who were not intending to do the crossing and another boat who were hoping for a cancellation...(they were unlucky) Both of them would be having to turn in what looked like a very meagre winding hole which was not helped by having two large boats moored nearby. Having checked their blog they obviously had no trouble as they are on their way again. (Thursday)

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