Saturday, 22 August 2009

Sojourn at Tewitfield

Wed-Fri 19th-21st August

We have spent the last few days just enjoying being at another head of navigation. The weather has not been diabolical but neither has it been particularly kind. This is not helped by various people in other parts of the country telling us of hot summer days. I even heard on the radio that the met office had said the hot weather would be coming to an end....what hot weather!!!!

The colour of the picture above shows the sort of weather we are having...when it is not raining!

We have walked to various surrounding villages mainly exploring for a suitable church on Sunday, the closest Geoff has discovered with a morning service is about a 35min (Geoff's pace) walk away so unless the forecast rain is horrendous that is the plot. The closest and only pub is the Longlands Hotel and we have booked our Sunday lunch there.

There is adequate space to moor here but not adequate depth. It proved very difficult to get in but have at least got the bows in.

One of our walks was to explore the towpath beyond the terminus. The picture above shows the start of the walk up the Northern Reaches. There are 8 disused locks and the lorry you can see on the left of the picture is on the M6. This runs very close all along here.

The picture below shows the end of the disused section. We are just on the other side of this.

The bus stop for the 555 service which runs between Carlisle and Preston is near us so we were able to utilise our bus passes also. Carnforth has the closest shops and is only an 8 min trip according to the timetable. I made a trip in to shop and I am convinced it took under 5 min at the rate the driver was going, it was a bit like being on a roller coaster.

We were expecting visitors John & Colleen Fraser on Friday They were en route home to Scotland so our proximity to the M6 made this a very accessible place. They duly arrived mid afternoon so we had a pleasant catch up.

We also discovered today that there is a very good farm shop just opposite the Longlands Hotel plan to visit prior to departure.

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