Monday, 20 June 2011

Lingering In Abingdon

Well who wouldn't, it is a really delightful spot.  Having found a mooring here, or at least half a mooring....
If you enlarge the photo you can see we are hanging on the end.....
But quite secure and snug
And Barney has a hidey hole in the long grass
The moorings here are very full and as soon as a spot becomes vacant it is quickly filled again.
As you can see we can stay for 5 days free which is great but helps to explain why it is so full.  
Yesterday (Sunday) was sort of planned.....never do that.  Part of it came to fruition but parts not, although some was in a nice way.    Emma duly arrived at 8am to sleep between night duty.  Once she was tucked up in bed and asleep Geoff and I set off for Church at St Nicholas in the town, only to discover that the service as advertised on their board outside was not taking place.......we were not impressed.    It wasn't even just a notice about regular services, it was specific to this month......the Church was all locked up with no sign of life.    After a few minutes a lady came up and said she had also forgotten that there was a Cluster service in one of the other churches(an hour previously!!)....a notice would have been good.  Nothing daunted Geoff decided to do a long walk with barney and I decided I just had to sit and read my book, such a hard life.  
A little later a phone call from Giles et al said they were coming for a surprise visit for Fathers Day........3 small children on the boat with Emma trying to sleep............however it all worked very well as Geoff arrived back as they arrived and we repaired to the pub for a Fathers Day drink.   Oscar (8months) and I managed to spill 2 1/2 pints of cider all over ourselves.......well Oscar did really but I had the blame for being an inattentive Gillyma!!!!!
A visit to the swings for the two elder ones with Giles and Geoff followed, whilst Zan, Oscar and I returned to Petroc to give him some food.
Oscar seemed quite pleased with this arrangement
Today, Monday has been a beautiful day until about 4pm when the rain eventually reached us.   I was able to sit out in my new chair at last.
Meanwhile Geoff and Barney went walkabout again and managed to take some photos to show how delightful this past of the world is.
Looking down river through Abingdon Bridge
Sign post along the Sustrans Cycle trail

Ah well we may have to be slightly more active at the weekend.   Giles and Susannah have a wedding to go to on Saturday late afternoon/evening so we have been roped in to baby sit.    The intention therefore is to aim for Goring on Friday in the hopes of being able to moor there so they can easily pick us up to perform Grandparenting duties!!!!

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