Friday, 24 June 2011


Late yesterday afternoon Geoff did his promised walk up the nearby Wittenham Clumps and castle Hill
He said it was very steep climb but the views from the top were worth it.
Little Wittenham
Later on our friends came to visit again
We awoke to a fine morning.  At first there was not a breath of wind but it gradually increased but to nowhere  the strength of the last couple of days.  As it was so nice we set off about 8.30 and saw ourselves through Days Lock as the Lock keeper does not start until 9. 
We took the trip down very leisurely as it was such a good day.
This is just an example of the many large houses we passed.
Passing Wallingford there were plenty of moorings but quite high.  We moored here 3 years ago and Ellie, who was getting on by then, had great difficulty getting off the boat.  Barney would probably have coped.  However our destination lay further on, in preparation for our baby-sitting duties on Saturday.
Someone had been left high and dry

Looking at the brickwork under Moulsford Railway bridge, the bricklayers must have had a wonderful task.

We were intending to go through Goring Lock and hope there was space on the 24 hour moorings.   We had a loose arrangement to meet up with John and Fi on Epiphany.  As we approached the lock I saw a boat moored above and on the Streatley bank and told Geoff that was where Epiphany had moored on their way down.........closer inspection showed that it WAS Epiphany, so brakes on and having been invited to breast alongside we about turned and snuggled up.  
11.02 miles, 3 locks, 3hr 36 min

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