Wednesday, 29 June 2011


We stayed a couple more days on our delightful mooring.

Monday. after a leisurely morning I went to Beale Park with the two boys (Finley 2.5 and Oscar nearly 9 months)  so it was not leisurely...but very enjoyable......

Tuesday, whilst Geoff did a long walk with Barney and pottered on Petroc I spent the day at Giles & Zan's, alternatively doing Giles' accounts and babysitting!!   In the evening Giles and Zan came to supper on Petroc so we ate somewhat later than normal.....getting 3 children to bed is something I have forgotten............

Goring Lock and Weir with Petroc in the background
Today we left this delightful mooring.  Just before leaving we had a very interesting conversation with a  friendly fisherman who had been fishing a little way down from us.  When we said we were about to depart he said that was lucky (for us!) as there was a fishing competition on Thursday and he thought that we would have been asked to leave as they like to fish there.   Apparently they pay £70 a year for their fishing permit.....this begs the question as to whether we would have had to move or not.......anyone out there know the position on this one????   Since they would obviously have come very early in the morning it could have been quite interesting.....
Anyway we did leave, first of all upstream to Cleeve Lock to get water and then downstream to Mapledurham as we needed to empty the loos and then back upstream to Beale Park as we had a rendezvous with Epiphany for supper.
Passing Epiphany on the way downstream, John taking our photo!!
We also passed this delightful boat
Coming back upstream approaching Whitchurch Bridge at Pangbourne.
Apparently this toll bridge is due for huge renovation in 2012 and will be closed for some months, which will make life difficult for many people.  It is Giles and Zan's direct route to Pangbourne.
Eventually tied up behind Epiphany, they had kindly moved up a little so that we could have a good place for barney to alight!!  Thank you
12 miles, 5 locks, 4 hours

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