Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Another Sojourn at Thrupp

Today I took the bus towards Oxford to rectify the last of yesterday's mishaps.......a filling had come out which necessitated a trip to the dentist...a very expensive one I might add!!
It is very easy to while away the days here in such delightfully kept moorings, although we are careful now not to keep our side doors open if unattended after the duck incident.....
On our travels we have seen several Cornish boats, St Piran, Truro to name a couple and we have seen several called Dreckly...however this one moored back around the corner from us really took the prize.

It really stands out as Cornwall colours I thought although on closer inspection what I thought was black turns out to be dark green.
The best bit however was this
The St Columb Canal is, or rather might have been, near where we live and was never completed.

It is sometimes referred to as Edyvean's Canal, was first proposed by the Cornish engineer, John Edyvean in 1773. His idea was to run a canal from Mawgan Porth through parishes inland and to return to Newquay. Its purpose was to import sea-sand, seaweed and stone for manuring to improve land. Two sections were built. One, from Trenance Point at Mawgan Porth to Whitewater, and the other from Lusty Glaze to Rialton Barton near St Columb Minor.
Work started in 1773, but it was never completed. At Lusty Glaze an inclined plane can be seen linking canal and sea. The canal was dug to Rialton at a height of 100 ft passing under the path from St Columb Minor to Penrose. Parts are clearly visible. A section from Mawgan Porth to Whitewater was used for three years. Failed attempts were made to complete it in 1829.
For those who want to know more see here
The day ended with a very pleasant evening as Bones and Maffi came to supper.

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