Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Layover in Oxford

We are moored just before Isis lock and it would be ideal apart from the boarded up disputed Jericho Boatyard opposite..
So a gentle day today but with a fair bit of walking especially for Barney......he gets to walk with both of us.  I did a circular walk heading southwards along the tow path and back through the town and that was after Geoff had been goodness knows where for over an hour first.
Later this afternoon Geoff and Barney took off again for a couple of hours walking the tow path along the river to Godstow and the ruined Abbey.
En route near Bossoms boatyard there was a narrowboat seemingly high and almost dry
No sign of life aboard

Canada geese aplenty
A boatful of girls to delight Geoffrey's eye!
The mooring here is quite congenial apart from the unsightly hoardings opposite the disputed Jericho area.   The towpath is very busy both with pedestrians and cyclists but luckily is wide enough for Barney to still sit out and people watch.   I say `pedestrians` and not `walkers` as most of them are walking with a purpose and are not so inclined to stop and chat as people are in more rural areas.   Most of them do not even make eye contact to allow you to bid them a pleasant `hello`...........I guess that is town life......
As I write this the boat behind who has his stern adjacent to our stern (bed is aft) and he is running his engine or it might be a is 9.45pm!!


Maffi said...

THe yard is not in dispute.

YOu could shoot the offender or cut his ropes.

gbl said...

I stand corrected on the yard.....What is the story then????
Couldn't find my shotgun or my shears.....

Jonny Hotten said...

re Jericho Boatyard, this ongoing city-planning public consultation document by Oxford City Council may shed some light (page 25 of 120): (taken from

re the stuck boat, HAHAHAHAHAA HEHEHE OH MY WORD IT'S SOOOO FUNNYYY!!!11 :):):) he's going nowhere for a while!

Ken and Sheena said...

[b]Most of them do not even make eye contact to allow you to bid them a pleasant `hello`...........I guess that is town life......[/b]

ah, yes. we've encountered that too. feel like such a country bumpkin sometimes, for having the audacity and daring to talk to strangers. it's their problem, not yours. stay human. :)