Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sojourn at Goring

There really is not much incentive to move from here.......below are the views from our windows....

Epiphany had very kindly marked the mooring spot so it was very easy for us to come alongside.   Great to see John and Fi again, we were not sure whether our paths would cross or not this year.  However they have just come off the K&A and instead of continuing down the Thames they very kindly decided to turn upstream to catch up with us.   Consequently there has been some socialising, interspersed with our baby-sitting duties.
Giles & family live only 3 miles from here so it was  a very convenient stopping place.  We are moored above Goring Lock on a rough field mooring so do not have to worry about overstaying.  Goring moorings are 24hrs only as are a lot of places down the Thames.
We had an excellent breakfast in Pierrepont cafe yesterday, church in Woodcote this morning followed by Lunch in the Bull at Streatley.   The lunch was very acceptable but we have had better.   Most pubs who do a Sunday Roast are only too willing to let you have a Yorkshire pudding with whatever meat you chose, but not the Bull!!!   Yes we could have one but it would be 50p extra.......first time we have ever come across that....and it was catering pack lamb...........
The weather has taken a turn for the wonderful, but very hot, so the afternoon has been spent in the shade but looking at the delightful views on the river and watching the antics of all the Sunday afternoon boaters.
In the evening someone was obviously having a leisurely cruise
Fi decided the shore was the coolest place
We have decided to stay here a couple of days longer although Epiphany plan to move tomorrow.    However we shall catch them up at Beale Park for Wednesday.

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