Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Thames at last

The timing of our departure today was important as we wanted to moor just above Osney Lock and the moorings seem to be full every day.   Geoff and Barney did a recce mid morning and saw there were some spaces so we waved farewell to the Oxford Canal about 10.30 and descended through Isis Lock onto the cut to take us to the Thames.
Farewell Oxford Canal
We departed in the rain so it was long mac time for me, the first time it has been out this year.   However it has warmed up in the last few weeks so it was not too unpleasant.
The lack of rain over the last weeks meant there was hardly any flow when we emerged at the bottom.

Going through the narrow cut to reach the river is hardly prepossessing.
Before we left we prepared Petroc for her time on the river by getting the Anchor out and securing it to the bow,  We then have to stow it in the cockpit which is a bit of a pain........I know we have to do it for safety reasons, but I dread to think what would happen if we had to use the thing.......
In addition we had stripped the roof of flowers tubs and aerial for the passage under Osney Bridge.  There is only just over 7ft headroom in the centre so it could have been tight...however lack of rain meant the river was low so there was no problem and we could have saved ourselves the bother.

En route to hear we passed some allotments and were please to see that the Cornish influence still abounds

So after only 1/2 an hour we had tied up again.  The reason for the short trip was that the weather forecast for Friday seemed dire..strong winds and lots of rain so we had decided we wanted to be somewhere we could tuck up for the day.  In the event it has worked our well  as we are now expecting visitors for lunch...........
0.39miles, 1 lock, 33minutes

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