Tuesday, 14 June 2011

So Long to Thrupp

Sad to leave such a pleasant spot but a beautiful morning which was just made for early cruising........so we were off at 7 with Geoff and Barney walking so that they could buy the  paper on the way to the first lock at Roundham.  
There are several very sad looking boats in the first stretch before The Jolly Boatman pub

As I passed Milly M the sleepy head of Maffi appeared and I think he said Good Morning!!
There is a water point just after bridge 224 but no chance of getting on it.  A hire boat was moored there (not watering!) and poking right out into the bridge hole.  I had been creeping along very sedately and quietly but couldn't resist a noisy burst of reverse as I went past...........
Just before Roundham Lock there were 5 boats moored, the first 2 with out of date licences........
It was such a nice morning I shouldn't really have been critical BUT
This boat is moored in the lock landing place...grrrrh....

No criticism here, just a lovely rural spot with one of the several lifting bridges on this stretch of the Southern Oxford.

Spotted on a moored boat, can anyone enlighten me as to its use????
We moored right at the end of the canal just before Isis Lock.  Sun was still shining so washing out and then a trip into Oxford for me to find Specsavers to have my glasses adjusted.

6.37 miles, 4 locks 3hrs 57min


Anonymous said...

Beware of people selling pyramids ! or put it another way "pyramid selling"

Could it be the base of some sort of picnic table with built in seats? yet to be completed.

gbl said...

I considered that possibility but couldn't quite visualise the finished article!