Thursday, 19 May 2011

We`ve moved!

Just don't get too excited...a small distance and backwards..........well North again.   In fact it was backwards to start with as we (I) had to reverse back to and through the lifting bridge to turn round.   
Yesterday Geoff became a tourist again as he wanted to visit the Ashmolean Museum which had been shut on Monday.   This time he remembered the camera so below are a few of his offerings of the wonderful buildings in the city of Dreaming Spires  (Morses City for devotees!)

Christ Cathedral
Sheldonian Library
Hertford Bridge, referred to as Bridge of Sighs because of its resemblance to the Venice one.
This time he used the bus both ways.  Meanwhile Barney and I managed a good long walk through fields and then back through the woods.   I wouldn't have attempted the wood bit if I hadn't met two locals with a dog who set me off on the right path.  I walked with them a part of the way and then braved the rest of the woods alone.   It is hardly a jungle but I find it just a little spooky when there is not another soul around in a fairly dense wood.
By arrangement at about 4pm we were descended on by Giles, Susannah and the 3 grandchildren.  It was lovely to see them all but I am not sure that 3 small children in the confines of a narrowboat would be compatible for an extended period!  After taking the elder two to the woods to run off some energy we went to the Jolly Boatman for an early supper which was excellent.  Despite all 3 of the children being very well behaved, the underneath of the table looked like the wreck of the Hesperus when we left......

With the family
 Moorings at Thrupp
Watering at Thrupp
Today after watering at Thrupp we retraced our steps and have now moored on the opposite side of the towpath near an abandoned quarry.  We have looked at this spot before and it looked a little bleak but it is in fact quite delightful.
The bank is not exactly perfect but we have found one ring and several trees to tie to.  Together with several strategically placed fenders we don't seem to be coming to any harm.  Surprisingly most boats have gone through relatively slowly....I say surprisingly because we are finding this year that passing boats seem to have lost the art of slowing down for moored ones.   Not all I hasten to add but quite a few.  Maybe it is just relative because our mindset seems to be definitely slow motion this year.
Geoff was the first explorer of our location and discovered that the disused quarry was delightful as was the nearby village of Kirtlington. 
We spent a very peaceful afternoon here.  I tried out my new chair which I had had delivered to Giles and they had brought on their visit to Thrupp.   I have swapped it for the one we have in the saloon but I have some reservations about it so it may get swapped back again.

Later I went for the walk round the quarry which is now an SSSI.
 There are steps up from the mooring spot which lead to a well defined path which is all fenced
In the middle is a reproduction of a prehistoric maze.
One or two walkers with dogs passed by my chair and me during the afternoon.  One lady had 3 big hairy dogs who had been in the water......they were very friendly and came and shook all over me.......I was not overly impressed and she didn't stop to apologise either........
Another quite elderly delightful lady (and her dog) stopped to chat on the wooden bench beside me.  She was originally from Vienna but had lived in Kirtlington for over 60 years.  She told me that in the summer (Is it coming??)  this was a very popular spot both for boats and campers.  We are lucky to have found it at this time of year and on a day that shows a little promise of summer.  After several  days with a cool wind, there is none at all today, hence my sitting out.
3hr 28 min, 4.02 miles, 3 locks


john fraser said...

I was beginning to think that you'd welded yourselves to Thrupp.
I don't know if your dongle can cope with iPlayer, but there was an interesting programme on BBC4 last night about the restoration of the British waterway system. I didn't get all of it but there seems to have been a small but very determined group of "boaters"?? ver many many years. V. admirable.

Anne Hall said...

Your Thursday blog only appeared on line today. Super photographs Geoff. I must go to visit Oxford one day.Take care. Love Anne