Tuesday, 17 May 2011

City of Dreaming Spires

Today was my turn to be a tourist.......you may wonder why we didn't do this together.  One of the reasons is Barney, it's a bit long to leave him all day, another is that my walking ability does not match Geoff's so I would cramp his style a bit.  Geoff also wanted to do the museums and I preferred to do churches.......   He was unlucky yesterday as the Ashmolean shuts on a Monday so he has to return tomorrow.
I caught the bus from the end of the road, at least I did when it eventually came, 20 minutes late....I was on the point of giving up.
Once in the centre I followed Geoff's example and took the red tour bus.  I alighted part way round to visit Christ College and Cathedral.

The Great Hall in Christ College
In the Cathedral I was particularly taken with George Bell's altar where a cross had been carved out of the altar stone
I managed a walk through the covered market and then down through Christ Meadow before deciding that enough was enough and the quiet life of the canal beckoned.  I had had my fill of crowds for the day.

On my return Geoff wanted to visit Annie's Tea Room for a cream tea.......we hardly ever have one when we are home in Cornwall.....so we had to do it in Oxfordshire!  Very good it was too.  Highly recommended.

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