Sunday, 1 May 2011

Exciting Ride!

After a pleasant weekend in Braunston we had an exciting trip late this afternoon.   We had delayed our departure as we wanted to meet friends Fran and Keith and Maggie for lunch.   We never normally cruise at this time of the day but there are so many boats around we decided that we needed to be at the bottom of the Napton Flight at the crack of sparrows tomorrow.  So we departed at 1530 in a howling wind which has been blowing for several days now and shows no sign of abating.  To add to the wind there were boats going every this way and that, we seemed to be in a convoy of at least 6 and as we were number 3 we had no say in the speed we travelled at......which was snails pace!   There was also the occasional boat coming the other way who did not make the bend in the strong wind...which caused some interesting manoeuvring.

About a mile out of Braunston we encountered the sunken boat that had been there last year....or so Geoff reliably informed memory is not that good.

However the sun was shining and we hear there is lots of rain back home in Cornwall so we count our blessings.
The reason for not staying put until the wind lessened is that our loo has a date with Lee Sanitation in Fenny Compton for a service on Tuesday.......and as all boaties know loos are very important.........
So we are now snugly tied up and a good satellite TV picture so all is well for a Sunday evening.

5.15 miles 2hr 6 min 0 locks


Adam said...

We passed you walking back to Petroc as we headed into Braunston on our new (to us) boat, Briar Rose. As we returned to Bridge 88 for the night, I was surprised to find you weren't still there! If you had been, we'd have come to say hello.

gbl said...

Glad to read that other people are having fun with this wretched wind also. Hope you enjoy your new boat