Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Back to Banbury

Yes we are still heading north........
Another windy trip today.  When we set off for one of our unusual (for this year) early starts it was quite breezy but the forecast had told us it would not be as strong as yesterday............not sure we think they had that quite right.  It certainly made for some interesting approaches and exits to the locks.  However we had no great difficulty until we exited Kings Sutton Lock.   I had swapped over with Geoff and walked on for my morning constitutional with Barney.  After a while(luckily not too long) I checked to see he was following me but there was no sign so I retraced my steps to find him moored up.
Guess what the problem was???
For the first time this year we had something round the prop........so Geoff had to engage in one of his least favourite occupations.
When we reached Banbury we found it much busier than our last visit...only a few weeks ago.....
However there was a convenient space that was just long enough for us in our favourite spot just north of Tom Rolt Bridge. 
We had no sooner moored up when Tony Fletcher arrived and whisked Geoffrey away for some male bonding in the pubs of Banbury.  The left me to have a peaceful afternoon with my book........
8.26 miles 5 locks 4hr 56min

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